Men's Individual Sets

Men's Individual Sets

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More than 4 people in your party? No problem, we offer individual sets for the original package ordered so no man is left behind! 

If you are adding on to your order with the package, all you need to do is select the Design and Size. We will be able to figure out the rest with no hassle or worry to you!

If you are placing the order after the original package has been purchased, no worries, be sure to select the Design* and Size. If you have the original ORDER NUMBER please be sure to include it in the Cart Notes so we can reference what the rest of your party has ordered. If you don't have the ORDER NUMBER, don't fret, we can still create the individual set so you can be a part of the party! 

In Cart Notes, please be sure to note the color vinyl for the design and color of the T-Shirt.

If doing a custom design please be sure to provide information on the design (i.e. "Game Over" for the Groom & "Let's Drink" for the Groomsmen.)